Newest Safety Precautions in F1 Racing

Posted on 19th February 2012 by admin in Uncategorized

Formula One racing safety has improved significantly since the first race was held in 1950. At that time there was no medical backup and very few, if any, safety precautions. Since then Formula One has made so many advancements in technology, that the organization is now considered the leading example of safety and innovation in motorsports. Some of these important advances in safety have been made in recent years.

One of the major changes is how racing stewards approach their analysis of race incidents. Race stewards now use a video analysis system, where incidents are shown online, along with any explanation and evidence of why a ruling was made. Beginning in 2010, former Formula One drivers began assisting race stewards in making decisions about incidents. Permanent panels of three FIA (The Fdration Internationale de l’Automobile) stewards are also joined by one local steward at each race to assist in assessing incidents.

The safety of Formula one cars and equipment has also improved greatly. Minimum dimensions are now required for roll bars on cars. This is to maintain the safety of the roll bar structure and avoid designs that would compromise this. There were also new helmets introduced recently that feature a strip across the top of the visor. The goal behind this design is to reinforce the weakest part of the helmet.

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